Talk of the Thames

Paddleboarding London: An Immersive Journey along the Thames

June 08, 2023 Thames Estuary Partnership Season 4 Episode 3
Talk of the Thames
Paddleboarding London: An Immersive Journey along the Thames
Show Notes

Welcome back to a truly immersive episode of "Talk of the Thames"! On this special occasion of World Ocean Day, join us on a captivating journey along the River Thames, as we explore the beauty and wonder of London from the perspective of a paddleboarder. To achieve the full benefit of this immersive episode, we highly recommend listening to this episode with headphones on, in a quiet place.

Our paddleboarder, Wanda Bodnar, also TEP's Data and Training Manager takes us on an intimate adventure from Kew Bridge to Richmond. As you listen, you'll be transported to the water's edge, where the gentle lapping of waves and the melodies of birds create a serene ambiance. Experience the rhythmic tales of the paddle hitting the water, echoing the rhythm of Wanda's journey.

This episode goes beyond the immersive soundscape. We sit down with Wanda for an intimate interview, where she shares her personal connection to the river and her passion for protecting our precious waterways. Gain firsthand insights into the magic of paddleboarding and Wanda's deep connection with the Thames.

But there's more! We have an exciting announcement for World Ocean Day. The Thames Estuary Partnership is launching a new course, "Introduction to the Thames Estuary." This course is open to everyone interested in learning about the history, biology, and ecology of the Thames.

We extend our sincere thanks to Paul Hyman and his company, Active360, for providing their top-notch paddleboarding equipment. We had the privilege of sitting down with Paul to discuss his deep connection to the Thames and his commitment to environmental sustainability. Paul shared his insights into the importance of preserving our waterways and his company's efforts to promote responsible paddleboarding experiences. Read the full interview on our website.

If you're inspired by Wanda's journey and want to experience a Thames Natural History paddleboarding tour, visit the Active360 website for more information. As we conclude this immersive episode, we invite you to cherish our ocean and waterways and take action in protecting them. Happy World Ocean Day!


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Produced by Chloe Russell and Ben Imber, Presented by Chloe Russell.